Today we bottled a Red Muscadine made from the Noble Variety of Muscadine.  Alcohol by Volume=12.5 % PH=3.3, Titrateable Acidity=.8G/L, Residual Sugar greater than 5%.The wine is what I would call Robust, Very fruity and full of tannin. Very raw, should age well. It is unfiltered so will likely throw off some sediments on ageing. It should age well. We have only 48 bottles of this wine and will allow only one bottle for tastings. I have never made this before but it is one of my favorites. The growing season was such that the berries were small, thick skinned, high sugar and good acid. It will be available in about 2 weeks. We will Post when it is on the shelf. Several of our customers have had a taste in tank during their winery tour and really enjoyed it.

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