Muscadine Pruning

We are in a race with our 25 muscadine vines. We are trying to get them pruned before they get totally budded out. Everything seems to be coming out early this year. Our Chardonnay and Sangiovese have both already opened up buds and we have leaves opened. We just hopr the weather cooperates and we […]

Riesling Back on the Shelves in February

Today we moved all of our 2016 Riesling juice out of the freezer to begin to thaw. After it reaches something around 33 degrees F we will begin processing it to be used to backsweeten our 2016 Riesling wines. we make 3 Rieslings. A dry which we call “Riesling”, a semisweet we call “Country Riesling” and […]

Bottling Red Muscadine (Noble)

Today we bottled a Red Muscadine made from the Noble Variety of Muscadine.  Alcohol by Volume=12.5 % PH=3.3, Titrateable Acidity=.8G/L, Residual Sugar greater than 5%.The wine is what I would call Robust, Very fruity and full of tannin. Very raw, should age well. It is unfiltered so will likely throw off some sediments on ageing. […]

Website Woes

Please Be Patient with us as we work through getting this website built to a level that is usable and productive for us and our customers. We know we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Thank You Chuck Belt

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year. We had a great 2016 and are looking forward to 2017.  Our 2016 vintage wines will begin being available in the spring and we will keep you informed of New Releases as they become available. We will be sharing information concerning a Great Valley Wine rail Event in February and some events this Spring such as New Release Celebrations and Food and Wine pairing events.